Scientific and Equine Consultant

Past Projects

Consultant for ETB Ltd to assist in the development and validation of their Pegasus equine stride system.

Contractor for Hidalgo Ltd in the development of their Equivital human ambulatory monitoring system for use in high intensity scenarios (sport, military, fire-fighting). Involved designing and validating a sensor vest to record 2 lead ECG, respiratory and stride variables. Also involved writing algorithms to identify ‘R’ waves and to calculate respiratory and stride rate.

Assessment of accuracy of HRM systems for Polar, Pi Research and Raddery Equine.

Development of a field based wireless ECG system with Pi Research (now part of Cosworth) for use in endurance vet gates.

Development and validation of a harness for measuring HR in exercising dogs for Mars Petcare.

Testing of protective boots for horses

Validation of the lithium dilution technique for cardiac output measurement (LIDCO)

Advising on air quality and heat management of horses and riders at the 2008 Olympic Games Equestrian events in Hong Kong Beijing 2008 AC & Cooling

Product development, testing and writing technical and educational material for Polar Electro (heart rate monitors)

Performing the role of chief scientific officer for a company developing exhaled breath diagnostics for people and horses

Acting as a consultant on a project funded by DEFRA to look at the feasibility of using exhaled breath diagnostics for bovine tuberculosis as an alternative to the tuberculin test

Validation of a commercial heart rate monitor for RR interval collection for subsequent time and frequency domain analysis

Analysis of risk factors for horses suffering heat stroke during racing for the British Horseracing authority

Development of a sensor vest and validation of a system for ambulatory measurement in patients, sportsmen and soldiers