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MAGNETS for Horses And/Or People – What is the Evidence?

I have not seen ANY convincing evidence that magnets provide any benefit other than as  PLACEBO. As such, if you buy them for your horse you are wasting your money as the placebo effect can only work on YOU not on YOUR HORSE.

Rather than write lots of words, I have gathered together some reliable sources of evidence that you can review and make up your own mind.

“Magnets HAVE NOT been proven to work for ANY HEALTH-RELATED PURPOSE, yet static, or permanent, magnets are widely marketed for pain control.” [CLICK]

“The evidence DOES NOT SUPPORT the use of STATIC MAGNETS FOR PAIN RELIEF, and therefore magnets cannot be recommended as an effective treatment” [CLICK]

Does a magnetic blanket induce changes in muscular blood flow, skin temperature and muscular tension in horses? Equine Vet J. 2015 May;47(3):302-7. Edner A, Lindberg LG, Broström H and Bergh A. [CLICK] This study which concluded that: “In healthy horses, magnetic blankets did not induce additional significant effects on muscle blood flow, skin temperature, mechanical nociceptive threshold and behaviour when compared with nonmagnetic blankets.”

If you are interested in the use of magnetic “therapy” and thinking of investing in magnetic products for your horse, then you may also be interested in what the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have to say on MAGNETS. [CLICK]

The CAP is aware that other magnetic products claim to relieve ulcers, period pain, arthritic pain, sciatica, rheumatism, migraines, restless leg syndrome and the symptoms of the Menopause and cure impotence.

NEITHER THE ASA NOR CAP HAS ACCEPTED THAT THE CLAIMED BENEFITS ARE SUPPORTED BY SATISFACTORY SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. Although some people might believe in the powers of magnets, marketers should remember that testimonials alone do not constitute substantiation (rule 3.47 and Magnetic, 23 May 2001, in which the marketer provided genuine testimonials but did not prove the efficacy of the product).”

Date: January 03, 2018