Scientific and Equine Consultant



Commercial Services
I offer a wide range of commercial services in including product testing, white paper writing and training of staff.

Online surveys
I am experienced in designing and running online surveys both for scientific and marketing purposes. These can be run as “branded” surveys or can be run anonymously.

Experimental Work
I am able to offer a part or full service in the area of scientific studies
Study design
Study management
Study placement (i.e. finding the best place to conduct studies)
Data analysis
Producing visual presentation materials (e.g. Powerpoint presentation)

Product Development
I am able to offer a full service to companies looking to develop new products for the equestrian industry, including market research, design, prototyping, testing of prototypes, manufacturing and marketing support.

Staff training & Education
Training for staff involved in education, technical, sales and or marketing
Training can be conducted at your own premises or remotely via Webinars using the GoToTraining platform

Poor Performance Investigation
I offer a full service for investigation of poor or loss of performance in individual horses or yards. This may involve medical or nutritional problems in which case I would usually be involved when the normal routes of veterinary investigation have not resolved the issues and I would work with your vet to provide a solution.

Expert Witness
I am an experienced expert witness in the field of equine sport, welfare and healthcare.

I am able to provide a full nutritional service from dietary evaluation for yards, through to supply of customised supplements. I am also able to formulate feeds and supplements and supply fully finished products ready for sale in either liquid, paste (syringe), powder or pellet form.